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american history
manifest destiny

reading guide—chapter 2:  the nation’s beginnings

section 1: democracy, nationalism, and sectionalism:  many cultures meet

1.  who became president in 1824?  how was he chosen?

2.  who became president in 1828?  what was his party?  

3.  what state was andrew jackson from?  what indian tribes did he fight against in 1814 and 1818?

4.  what did the indian removal act do?  

5.  who was jackson’s vice president during his first term?  what state was he from?

6.  what was nullification?  how did jackson and calhoun feel about it?

7.  why did jackson hate the bank of the united states?  what did he do about it?

8.  who formed the whig party?  when?  what did they stand for?

9.  what effects did jackson’s presidency have on the u.s. economy?

10.  what was the ‘log cabin campaign’ about?

reading guide—chapter 2:  the nation’s beginnings

section 2:  religion and reform

1.  where did the second great awakening begin?  who was its most famous preacher?

2.  what new denominations (types of churches) formed during the second great awakening?

3.  what were the church of jesus christ of later-day saints usually known as?  why were they persecuted?

4.  where did the mormons go to set up their own communities?

5.  why did many protestant americans distrust catholics?  what country did many catholics immigrate to america from in the 1840s?  

6.  who led the campaign to reform the treatment of the mentally ill in the mid-1800s?

7.  how did some reformers want to change prisons in the 1800s?

8.  what did the temperance movement want?  why?  in what state did they have their first major success?

9.  who led the movement to create tax-supported public schools?  how and why did he do this?

10.  why did some people oppose public schools?  in what part of the country did they become most widespread?


reading guide—chapter 2:  the nation’s beginnings

section 3:  the antislavery movement

1.  by 1804, all states north of ____________________ had passed laws gradually ending slavery.  in the year __________________ it became illegal to import slaves to america.

2.  what were spirituals?  why were they important to slaves?

3.  what did nat turner do?  how did the south respond?

4.  what was the underground railroad?  what were ‘conductors?’

5.  who was the ‘black moses?’  where did that name come from?

6.  what were abolitionists?

7.  who was frederick douglass?  what did he say the fourth 7.  who was frederick douglass?  what did he say the fourth of july meant to a slave?

8.  what is civil disobedience?  who wrote a famous essay about it?

9.  why did some southerners say slavery was good—even better than wage labor in a factory?

10.  what was the gag rule?  which former president tried to amend the constitution to outlaw slavery?

reading guide—chapter 2:  the nation’s beginnings

section 4: the women’s movement

section 4: the women’s movement

1.  what two groups did sarah grimké and her sister angelina grimké weld demand greater rights for?

2.  what were some ways women were unequal to men in the early 1800s?

3.  who was sojourner truth?

4.  in what ways did factory work give young women some independence?

5.  what did many women reformers compare their lack of rights to?

6.  how did elizabeth cady stanton change her wedding vows?

7.  what two women did the most to organize the seneca falls convention?

8.  what did the declaration of sentiments say?

9.  what is suffrage?  what two women were most famous for working towards it in the 1800s?

10.  what state passed the married women’s property act?  what did it do?

reading guide—chapter 2:  the nation’s beginnings

section 5:  manifest destiny

1.  what area in the west did america share with great britain in the 1830s and early 1840s?

2.  what was manifest destiny?  why did different groups support it?

3.  how far was the journey from missouri to the west coast?  how long did the trip take before railroads were built?

4.  why did americans move to texas in the 1820s?  how many had moved there by 1835?  who actually owned texas at that time?

5.  when did texas declare its independence?  where was the first battle between the texans and the mexicans and who won it?  what battle won independence for texas?  did texas become a state at that time?

6.  what did president polk promise to do after being elected?  what state was he from?

7.  what country did polk agree to split oregon with?  what country did he go to war with?

8.  what areas did the united states take over in the southwest?  why did some northerners oppose this?

9.  where did general zachary taylor fight?  what major cities did general winfield scott capture?

10.  where and when did the gold rush begin?  how many people moved to that area within five years?  what were some of the effects of the gold rush?

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