War and American Society

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Instructor   Jerry Alan Sayers

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Objective: The purpose of this course is to examine the history of the United States from 1877 to the present in so that students may appreciate their heritage, understand their world, and be prepared to be successful citizens as adults.


    1.    Quizzes, homework, and class work count as a daily grade.
    2.    Tests and projects count as two daily grades.
    3.    The final exam will count as 15% of the course grade.

Extra credit will not be assigned to improve a grade. 

Work is late if it is not ready to be handed in at the beginning of class (unless otherwise instructed).  Late work will receive a penalty of 5 points per day, and must be submitted within five days of the due date.  Missed tests must be made up within three days of a student’s return to school. Tests may require a full class period, so always be present on test days! 

This course involves watching movies.  Some are documentaries or educational films; others were produced by Hollywood.  Some will be shown in clips and others in their entirety.  These movies are not shown for entertainment.  They are meant to illustrate and supplement lectures and other assignments and to spark discussion.  Paying attention to them is an assignment as important as paying attention to any other part of class or completing any other work.

1.Be in assigned seat when bell rings.
2.Have class materials ready and personal put away when bell rings.
3.Only speak with permission.
4.Be respectful of others.
5.Turn in work on time.
6.Keep the room tidy.
7.Only leave the room with a hall pass.
8.Quid pro quo  

2009 Fall Session
In case of inclement weather, lecture and test dates may move back one day for each day missed.  This syllabus is somewhat flexible and will be adjusted over the course of the semester, but if you do not hear otherwise, assume that quizzes and tests will fall on the dates listed.  Further quizzes and projects may be announced throughout the semester.

AUG 6     Welcome
AUG 7     Introduction

AUG 10    Terminology
AUG 11    Colonial Wars
AUG 12    The French and Indian War
AUG 13    The Last of the Mohicans
AUG 14    Mr Pitt's War (Terminology Quiz)

AUG 17    Test 1:  Colonial Wars
AUG 18    The Shot Heard Round the World
AUG 19   
Library Work
AUG 20   
The Invasion of Canada and the Liberation of Boston 
AUG 21   
Long Island

AUG 24   
Crossing the Delaware
AUG 25    Saratoga
AUG 26    The Times that Try Men’s Souls
AUG 27    The War Turns South
AUG 28   
The Overmountain Men & Manufacturing Musket Cartridges

AUG 31   
The World Turned Upside Down
SEP  1    The Patriot
SEP  2    The Patriot
SEP  3    Test 2:  The American Revolution
SEP  4    The Barbary Wars

SEP  8   
The War of 1812 
SEP  9    The War of 1812
SEP 10    The War of 1812 
SEP 11    The War of 1812

SEP 14    The Seminole
SEP 15   
The War for Texan Independence
SEP 16    Remember the Alamo!
SEP 17    Remember the Alamo!
SEP 18    The Mexican War 

SEP 21   
Test 3:  The Wars of Manifest Destiny
SEP 22    Fort Sumter and First Manassas (Bull Run)
SEP 23    Shiloh and the Peninsular Campaign
SEP 24    Sharpsburg (Antietam)
SEP 25    Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville

SEP 28   
SEP 29    Gettysburg
SEP 30    Gettysburg
OCT  1    The High Tide of the Confederacy
OCT  2    The 54th Massachusetts

OCT  5   
Chickamauga and Chattanooga
OCT  6    Marching Through Georgia
OCT  7    Grant in Virginia
OCT  8    Appomattox
OCT  9    Test 4:  The War between the States


OCT 19    How the West was Won

OCT 20    The Spanish American War
OCT 21    The Rough Riders
OCT 22    The Rough Riders
OCT 23    The Philippine Insurrection and the Punitive Expedition

OCT 26    The Great War

OCT 27    The American Expeditionary Force
OCT 28   
Alvin York
OCT 29    The Lost Battalion

NOV  2   
The Treaty of Versailles
NOV  3    Test 5:  The Wars of Imperialism and the First World War
NOV  4    Blitzkrieg
NOV  5    Blitzkrieg
NOV  6    A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

NOV  9    Patton
NOV 10    Operation Torch

NOV 11    The Invasion of Italy
NOV 12    The Eastern Front
NOV 13    D-Day

NOV 16    Airborne Training

NOV 17    The 101st Airborne
NOV 18    The 101st Airborne on D-Day

NOV 23    The Battle of the Bulge

NOV 24    The Battle of the Bulge

NOV 30    Crossing the Rhine

DEC  1    Crossing the Rhine
DEC  2    Victory in Europe
DEC  3    Victory in Europe
DEC  4    Striking Back against Japan

DEC  7    Island Hopping

DEC  8    Island Hopping
DEC  9    Victory over Japan
DEC 10    Test 6:  World War II
DEC 11    The Korean War *

DEC 14   
The War in Vietnam *
DEC 15    Tet *
DEC 16    The War on Terror *


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