FALL 2005

Instructor:    Professor Jerry Alan Sayers

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Textbook:    World Geography by Dr. Richard G. Boehm, et al.

Objective: The purpose of this course is to provide challenging instruction in World Geography, introducing students to people, places, and environments at local, regional, national, and international levels from the spatial and ecological perspectives of geography.


1.    Objective tests
2.    Classwork
3.    Notebooks
4.    Maps, quizzes, and other daily grades
5.    Participation

Make-up work must be completed within three days, unless other arrangements are made with the instructor.  Always be present on exam day! 


1.    Be punctual.
2.    Respect the rights of others.
3.    Be honest.
4.    Be prepared; bring materials to class each day.
5.    Keep the room clean.
6.    Each time you are off task you will receive a “0” for a daily grade.  One of the zeroes may be worked off.
7.    Quid pro quo  
2005 Fall Session

Introduction to Geography
Five Themes in Geography
Latitude and Longitude
Landforms and the Water System
Climates of the Earth
Human Geography

Geography of the United States and Canada
Introduction to the United States and Canada
Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
Economics of the United States and Canada
States and Provinces of the United States and Canada

Geography of Latin America
Introduction to Latin America
Physical Geography of Latin America
Early History of Latin America
Economics of Latin America
People and Cultures of Latin America

Geography of Europe
Introduction to Europe
Physical Geography of Europe
History of Europe
The European Union

Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
Introduction to the Middle East
Physical Geography of the Middle East
Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq (introduction to Not without my Daughter)
History of the Middle East

Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
Introduction to Africa
Physical Geography of Africa
History of Africa
Politics and Economics of Africa

Geography of Asia
Introduction to Asia
Physical Geography of Asia

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