FALL 2021
Some notes are the same as those used in earlier semesters, while some are updated more frequently.  Be sure to check the date on each page.
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Instructor:    Dr. Jerry Alan Sayers
E-mail:        School:

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Textbook: Kennedy, David and Lizabeth Cohen.  The American Pageant:  A History of the American People, 16th Edition.  Stamford, Connecticut:  Cengage Learning, 2016.

Objective: The purpose of this course is to provide college-level instruction in United States History.  This course will include extensive readings, college-style lectures, analysis of primary sources, and essay writing.  The ultimate goal is for each student to successfully complete the AP American History Exam.

Fee: The Social Studies Department collects a $5 fee payable in cash or a check made out to Science Hill High School.

1.  Objective Tests
2.  Essay Tests
3.  Quizzes, Homework, Discussions, Classwork and other Daily Grades (20% of a test grade)
4.  The final exam will count as 15% of the semester grade.

In recognition of the challenges posed by an Advanced Placement course, five bonus points will be added to the final semester grade.

The standard grading scale will be used:

A:  93-100
B:  85-92
C:  75-84
D:  70-74
F:  Below 70

Extra credit will not be assigned to improve a grade. 

Work is late if it is not ready to be handed in at the beginning of class (unless otherwise instructed).  Late work will receive a penalty of 5 points per day, and must be submitted within five days of the due date.  Missed tests must be made up within three days of a student’s return to school. Tests may require an hour and a half, so always be present on test days! 
Classroom Rules:
1.  Be in assigned seat when bell rings.
2.  Have class materials ready and personal items put away when the bell rings.
3.  Only speak with permission.
4.  Be respectful of others.
5.  Turn in work on time.
6.  Keep the room tidy.
7.  Only leave the room with a hall pass.
8.  Quid pro quo 

2021 Fall Session

In case of inclement weather or remote learning, classes will still be held on-line and on-line assignments should be completed at home, unless otherwise announced.  If you miss a lesson or assignment due to illness or other issues, please contact Dr. Sayers as soon as possible to discuss how to make up the missing work.

Lecture and Reading Quiz dates note the date the quiz becomes available on Canvas.  Such quizzes will normally be completed at home and will be due 48 hours (not counting weekends and holidays) after opening.

Video lectures for some topics can be found on the YouTube playlist Dr Sayers Teaches AP US History.

AUG 4     Introduction
AUG 5     Pre-Columbian America  (Video)
AUG 6     The Age of Exploration  (VideoLecture Quiz 1:  America before the English

AUG 9     The Chesapeake  (Video
Discussion Board Introduction Due
AUG 10    New England   (VideoLecture Quiz 2:  The Chesapeake & New England

AUG 11    The Middle Colonies & The Deep South  (Middle Colonies Video) (Deep South Video)
AUG 12    The Great Awakening & The French and Indian War  (Great Awakening Video) (French and Indian War Video)  Lecture Quiz 3:  The Middle Colonies, the Deep South, and the mid-1700s
AUG 13    Taxation without Representation  (Video)

AUG 16    The Declaration of Independence  (Video) (Video reading of the Declaration of IndependenceLecture Quiz 
4:  The American Revolution Begins
AUG 17    The World Turned Upside Down  (Video)
AUG 18    Review
AUG 19    Test 1: Colonial America
AUG 20    The Articles of Confederation * (Video
States and Capitals Map due

AUG 23    The Constitution
* (Video)
AUG 24    Mister President
(Video)   Constitution Worksheet due
AUG 25    The Greatest Man in the World  (Video)   
AUG 26    The Adams Administration  (Video)  Lecture Quiz 5:  The Federalists
AUG 27    The Revolution of 1800 (VideoPresidents Quiz

AUG 30    The War of 1812  (Video)
AUG 31    American Nationalism  (VideoLecture Quiz 6:  The Jeffersonians
SEP 1     The Corrupt Bargain  (VideoStates Map Quiz
SEP 2     King Andrew
* (Video)                     
SEP 3     Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!
* (Texas Independence Video; Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too! Video)  Lecture Quiz 7:  The Age of Jackson

SEP 7     The Second Great Awakening (VideoChapter 15 Reading Quiz
SEP 8     The Industrial Revolution (Video)
SEP 9     Immigration and Manifest Destiny
(Immigration Video; Manifest Destiny VideoLecture Quiz 8:  The Market Revolution 
SEP 10   
Introduction to the Document Based Question
SEP 13   
James K. Polk (Video)  Physical Map due
SEP 14    Review *
SEP 15    Test 2:  The Early Republic
SEP 16    Abolitionists and Fire-Eaters (Video)
SEP 17    The Failure of Compromise (Video
Document Based Question due (Test Grade)

SEP 20    Bleeding Kansas (VideoLecture Quiz 
9:  Abolitionists and Fire-Eaters
SEP 21    North versus South
(Election of 1860 Video; North versus South Video)
SEP 22    War and Industry (VideoState Capitals Quiz
SEP 23    The War for Southern Independence (Video)
SEP 24   

SEP 27    A New Birth of Freedom (VideoLecture Quiz 10:  The Civil War
SEP 28    Reconstruction  (Video)
SEP 29    The New South  (Video)
SEP 30    Review
OCT 1     Test 3:  Civil War and Reconstruction

OCT 4    
The Gilded Age (Video)
OCT 5    
Captains of Industry  (Video)
OCT 6    
Organized Labor, Immigration, and Urbanization  (Video part 1, part 2)  Lecture Quiz 11:  The Gilded Age
OCT 7    
How the West was Won  (Video) Physical Map Quiz
OCT 8     The Populists  (Video) (The Wizard of Oz)


OCT 18   
American Imperialism  (American Imperialism Video; A Splendid Little War VideoLecture Quiz 12:  An American Empire
OCT 19   
The Progressives (Video)
OCT 20    Separate but Equal (The Women's Movement Video; Separate but Equal Video)
OCT 21    The Progressive Presidents
OCT 22    The Progressive Presidents (Video)  Lecture Quiz 13:  The Age of Reform

OCT 25   
Document Based Question (Test Grade)
OCT 26   
The Great War  (The Great War Video; The American Expeditionary Force Video)  
OCT 27   
The Lost Battalion
OCT 28   
The Treaty of Versailles (Video)
OCT 29   

NOV 1    
Test 4:  America Becomes a World Power (at home)
NOV 2    
The Business of America (Video)
NOV 3     The Roaring Twenties
(VideoLecture Quiz 14:  The Jazz Age
NOV 4     The Great Depression
NOV 5     The New Deal
(Video)  Lecture Quiz 15:  The Great Depression

NOV 8     The Rise of Totalitarianism
(The Rise of Totalitarianism Video; The Empire of Japan Video)
NOV 9     The Arsenal of Democracy
NOV 10    A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
(Video) Lecture Quiz 16:  The Rise of Totalitarianism / Axis Aggression Analysis due
NOV 11    Turning the Tide
NOV 12    The Atomic Age

NOV 15    Review
NOV 16    Test 5:  The Roaring ‘20s, Great Depression, & World War II
NOV 17    The Cold War Begins (Video) Cold War Map due
NOV 18    The Buck Stops Here (The Buck Stops Here Video; The Korean War Video)
NOV 19    I Like Ike
(VideoLecture Quiz 17:  The Cold War Begins

NOV 22   
Passing the Torch to a New Generation (JFK Video; LBJ Video)
NOV 23   
Document Based Question (Test Grade)

NOV 29    Desegregation Begins
NOV 30
   Black Power!
(Video)  Lecture Quiz 18:  A Great Society
DEC 1     The War in Vietnam 
DEC 2     The Counterculture
DEC 3    
Nixon and Watergate (Video)  Lecture Quiz 19:  Our Long National Nightmare

DEC 6    
Document Based Question (Test Grade)
DEC 7     Review
DEC 8     Test 6:  The Cold War
DEC 9     The Me Decade
DEC 10   
Morning in America (Video)
DEC 13   
A New World Order (Video)  Lecture Quiz 20:  A New World Order  
DEC 14   
The New Millennium (Video)
DEC 15   
Hope and Change (Video)
DEC 16   
DEC 17    Final Exam

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