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Some notes are the same as those used in earlier semesters, while some are updated more frequently.  Be sure to check the date on each page.

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Textbook: Kennedy, David and Lizabeth Cohen.  The American Pageant:  A History of the American People, 16th Edition.  Stamford, Connecticut:  Cengage Learning, 2016.


Objective: The purpose of this course is to provide college-level instruction in United States History.  This course will include extensive readings, college-style lectures, analysis of primary sources, and essay writing.  The ultimate goal is for each student to successfully complete the AP American History Exam.



1.  Objective Tests
2.  Essay Tests
3.  Projects (Test Grades)
4.  Quizzes, Homework, Classwork and other Daily Grades (20% of a test grade)
5.  The final exam will count as 25% of the term 4 grade.

In recognition of the challenges posed by an advance placement course, a modified grading scale will be used:

A:  88-100

B:  80-87

C:  70-79

D:  65-69

F:  Below 65


Extra credit will not be assigned to improve a grade. 


Work is late if it is not ready to be handed in at the beginning of class (unless otherwise instructed).  Late work will receive a penalty of 5 points per day, and must be submitted within five days of the due date.  Missed tests must be made up within three days of a studentís return to school. Tests may require an hour and a half, so always be present on test days! 



  1. Be in assigned seat when bell rings.
  2. Have class materials ready and personal items put away when the bell rings.
  3. Only speak with permission.
  4. Be respectful of others.
  5. Turn in work on time.
  6. Keep the room tidy.
  7. Only leave the room with a hall pass.
  8. Quid pro quo  

2016 Fall Session

In case of inclement weather, lecture dates may move back one day for each day missed. If a quiz, test, or presentation date is missed due to weather or illness, students should be prepared to make it up on the first day back in school.

Quizzes will take place on the dates listed. Be sure to be diligent in reading the textbook.


AUG 2     Homeroom

AUG 3     Introduction

AUG 4     Pre-Columbian America

AUG 5     The Renaissance


AUG 8     Exploration and Conquest          Chapter 1 Reading Quiz

AUG 9     Jamestown                    

AUG 10    The Chesapeake               Chapter 2 Reading Quiz

AUG 11    A City upon a Hill               

AUG 12    New England                  Chapter 3 Reading Quiz


AUG 15    The Middle Colonies          Chapter 4 Reading Quiz

AUG 16    The Deep South              

AUG 17    The Great Awakening           Chapter 5 Reading Quiz 

AUG 18    Review

AUG 19    Test 1:  Colonial America


AUG 22    The French and Indian War    Chapter 6 Reading Quiz

AUG 23    The Great War for Empire

AUG 24    The Great War for Empire

AUG 25    Causes of the Revolution           Chapter 7 Reading Quiz      

AUG 26    Taxation without Representation        


AUG 29    The Declaration of Independence

AUG 30    The British are Coming                Chapter 8 Reading Quiz

AUG 31    The Times that Try Menís Souls   

SEP 1     The World Turned Upside Down

SEP 2     Review



SEP 6     Test 2:  The American Revolution 

SEP 7     Introduction to the Document Based Question     

SEP 8     The Articles of Confederation           Chapter 9 Reading Quiz

SEP 9     The Constitution


SEP 12    Federalists and Anti-Federalists            

SEP 13    Mister President                        Chapter 10 Reading Quiz

SEP 14    Document Based Question (Quiz Grade)

SEP 15    Mister President                        States Quiz

SEP 16    The Greatest Man in the World          


SEP 19    The Adams Administration         Presidents Quiz *

SEP 20    The Revolution of 1800       Chapter 11 Reading Quiz

SEP 21    The Jefferson Administration     

SEP 22    The War of 1812

SEP 23    The Second War of American Independence  Chapter 12 Reading Quiz 


SEP 26    American Nationalism

SEP 27    The Era of Good Feelings         

SEP 28    Review 

SEP 29    Test 3:  The Early Republic

SEP 30    Life in the Early Republic  




OCT 10    The Corrupt Bargain       

OCT 11    The Jacksonian Revolution      Chapter 13 Reading Quiz

OCT 12    King Andrew

OCT 13    The Trail of Tears

OCT 14    Remember the Alamo!!          


OCT 17    Remember the Alamo!

OCT 18    Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!     Chapter 15 Reading Quiz

OCT 19    The Second Great Awakening

OCT 20    Creating Utopia

OCT 21    The Industrial Revolution Chapter 14 Reading Quiz

OCT 24    The Transportation Revolution  Physical Map Quiz          

OCT 25    Immigration and Nativism       Chapter 17 Reading Quiz

OCT 26    Manifest Destiny

OCT 27    Manifest Destiny

OCT 28    James K. Polk


OCT 31    The Conquest of Mexico

NOV 1     Document Based Question (Test Grade)

NOV 2     Review

NOV 3     Test 4:  The Age of Jackson   

NOV 4     King Cotton                   Chapter 16 Reading Quiz


NOV 7     Abolitionists and Fire-Eaters    


NOV 9     A Peculiar Institution           Chapter 18 Reading Quiz

NOV 10    A Peculiar Institution 

NOV 11    The Compromise of 1850             


NOV 14    Free Soil and Popular Sovereignty   Chapter 19 Reading Quiz

NOV 15    Bleeding Kansas    

NOV 16    Dred Scott and John Brown

NOV 17    The Election of 1860            

NOV 18    Review


NOV 21    Test 5:  The Coming Conflict

NOV 22    Thanksgiving Program             

NOV 23    THANKSGIVING          




NOV 28    North versus South              Chapter 20 Reading Quiz

NOV 29    War and Industry                   

NOV 30    The Battles of Manassas and the Peninsular Campaign Chapter 21 Reading Quiz

DEC 1     Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg      

DEC 2     The High Tide of the Confederacy     State Capitals Quiz     


DEC 5     The War in the West            

DEC 6     In the Wilderness

DEC 7     The March to the Sea and Appomattox

DEC 8     The Assassination of Lincoln

DEC 9     Presidential Reconstruction      Chapter 22 Reading Quiz


DEC 12    Radical Reconstruction

DEC 13    Review

DEC 14    Test 6:  Civil War and Reconstruction

DEC 15    Review

DEC 16    Final Exam


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