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Instructor:    Jerry Alan Sayers

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Textbook: John Mack Faragher, et al.  Out of Many:  A History of the American People, 5th Edition.  Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:  2007.


Objective: The purpose of this course is to provide college-level instruction in United States History.  This course will include extensive readings, college-style lectures, analysis of primary sources, and essay writing.  The ultimate goal is for each student to successfully complete the AP American History Exam.



1.  Objective Tests

2.  Essay Tests

3.  Projects (Test Grades)

4.  Quizzes, Homework, Classwork and other Daily Grades (20% of a test grade)

5.  The end of course exam will count as 20% of the term 2 grade.

6.  The final exam will count as 20% of the course grade.


In recognition of the challenges posed by an advance placement course, a modified grading scale will be used:


A:  88-100

B:  80-87

C:  70-79

D:  65-69

F:  Below 65


Extra credit will not be assigned to improve a grade. 


Work is late if it is not ready to be handed in at the beginning of class (unless otherwise instructed).  Late work will receive a penalty of 5 points per day, and must be submitted within five days of the due date.  Missed tests must be made up within three days of a student’s return to school. Tests may require an hour and a half, so always be present on test days! 

1. Be in assigned seat when bell rings.
2. Have class materials ready and personal put away when bell rings.
3. Only speak with permission.
4. Be respectful of others.
5. Turn in work on time.
6. Keep the room tidy.
7. Only leave the room with a hall pass.
8. Quid pro quo  



2011 Spring Session

In case of inclement weather, lecture dates may move back one day for each day missed.  Presentation dates will NOT change; if a presentation date is missed due to weather or illness, students should be prepared to give the presentation on the first day back in school.


Reading assignments and quizzes will be announced throughout the session.  Be sure to be diligent in reading the textbook.



JAN 4     Semester 1 Review Day

JAN 5     Semester 1 Exam Day

JAN 6     Introduction




JAN 11    SNOW DAY         


JAN 13    Review:  Colonial America and the Early Republic

JAN 14    Review:  Colonial America and the Early Republic


JAN 17    Review:  The Constitution      

JAN 18    Review:  Antebellum America    Presidents Quiz

JAN 19    Review:  Antebellum America

JAN 20    Review:  The War Between the States                 States Map Quiz  

JAN 21    Review:  Reconstruction and the New South        Chapter 19 Reading Quiz

JAN 22    The Gilded Age


JAN 24    The Gilded Age

JAN 25    Captains of Industry      Chapter 18 Reading Quiz

JAN 26    Captains of Industry 

JAN 27    Organised Labour              Physical Map Quiz

JAN 28    Immigration and Urbanisation


JAN 31    How the West was Won      Chapter 20 Reading Quiz

FEB 1     Writing Assessment        

FEB 2     The Final Frontier        

FEB 3     The Populists and Review

FEB 4     Test 1:  The Growth of America


FEB 7     American Imperialism          State Capitals Map Quiz

FEB 8     A Splendid Little War  

FEB 9     The Rough Riders

FEB 10    The Philippine Insurrection 

FEB 11    The Progressives             Chapter 21 Reading Quiz


FEB 14    The Progressives      

FEB 15    The Women’s Movement

FEB 16    Separate but Equal

FEB 17    The Progressive Presidents and an Introduction to the Document Based Question

FEB 18    Document Based Question (Test Grade)


FEB 21    The Progressive Presidents            Chapter 22 Reading Quiz

FEB 22    The Great War  

FEB 23    The American Expeditionary Force

FEB 24    Versailles and Review

FEB 25    Test 2: America Becomes a World Power


FEB 28    The Business of America          Chapter 23 Reading Quiz

MAR 1     The Business of America  and The Roaring Twenties  

MAR 2     The Dark Side of the Jazz Age and The Great Depression

MAR 3     The New Deal              Chapter 24 Reading Quiz

MAR 4     The New Deal

MAR 5     Document Based Question (Test Grade)


MAR 7     O Brother, Where Art Thou?

MAR 8     O Brother, Where Art Thou?        Chapter 25 Reading Quiz

MAR 9     The Rise of Totalitarianism

MAR 10    The Arsenal of Democracy

MAR 11    A Date Which Will Live in Infamy


MAR 14    The Home Front

MAR 15    Turning the Tide

MAR 16    The Atomic Age

MAR 17    The Post-War World and Review 

MAR 18    Test 3:  The Great Depression and World War II

             Term 3 Ends



MAR 28    The Cold War 

MAR 29    Truman                       Chapter 26 Reading Quiz

MAR 30    Truman

MAR 31    The Fair Deal 

APR 1     Document Based Question (Test Grade)


APR 4     The Korean War 

APR 5     I Like Ike                   Chapter 27 Reading Quiz

APR 6     A Vast Wasteland 

APR 7     Review

APR 8     Test 4:  The Cold War Begins


APR 11    A New Generation

APR 12    A New Generation

APR 13    John F Kennedy and the New Frontier     Chapter 28 Reading Quiz

APR 14    Lyndon B Johnson and the Great Society

APR 15    Desegregation Begins          


APR 18    Desegregation Begins   Chapter 29 Reading Quiz 

APR 19    Black Power! 

APR 20    The War in Vietnam

APR 21    The War in Vietnam

APR 22    Dear America        


APR 25    The Counterculture, Nixon and Watergate           Chapter 30 Reading Quiz

APR 26    Watergate 

APR 27    The Me Decade and Morning in America  Chapter 31 Reading Quiz

APR 28    A New World Order  and The New Millennium and Review     

APR 29    Test 5:  A New World Order


MAY 2     AP Exam Review

MAY 3     AP Exam Review

MAY 4     AP Exam Review and Document Based Question (Test Grade)

MAY 5     AP Exam Review

MAY 6     AP Exam  


MAY 9     End of Course Exam Review *

MAY 10    End of Course Exam Review *

MAY 11    End of Course Exam Review *

MAY 12    End of Course Exam Review * and Presidents Quiz *

MAY 13    End of Course Exam Review *and Review Guide Quiz *


MAY 16    End of Course Exam

MAY 17    Final Exam Review

MAY 18    Final Exam Review and States and Capitals Quiz *

MAY 19    Final Exam Review

MAY 20    Final Exam Review


MAY 23    Final Exam Review

MAY 24    Final Exam Review

MAY 25    Final Exams

MAY 26    Final Exams


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