You will produce a poster featuring one of these important people from the 1860s.  It should be composed of a recognisable picture of the person (such as a copy of a photograph, painting, woodcut, et cetera, or an original piece of artwork if it depicts the person accurately), the person’s name (in most cases the last name is fine), and some other element for variety (flags, maps, related pictures, and additional images of the subject would all work).  With the poster please turn in a brief (1-2 sentences are fine) explanation for the extra images you chose.  The poster is to be relatively small, no smaller than 8” by 10” and no larger than 16” by 20.”

Alternately, you may bake hardtack for the class.

The List
Abraham Lincoln
Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
William Seward
Edwin Stanton
Salmon Chase
Gideon Wells
Winfield Scott
Roger B Taney
Charles Sumner
Thaddeus Stevens
Jefferson Davis
Alexander Stevens
John Slidell
James Mason
P G T Beauregard
Joseph Johnston
T J ‘Stonewall’ Jackson
Irvin McDowell
Robert Anderson
Albert Sidney Johnston
Braxton Bragg
U S Grant
William Tecumseh Sherman
Don Carlos Buell
Henry Halleck
Benjamin Butler
Nathan Bedford Forrest
John Pemberton
George McClellan
John Pope
Ambrose Burnside
Joseph Hooker
George Meade
Robert E Lee
J E B Stuart
James Longstreet
John Gordon
A P Hill
Richard ‘Baldy’ Ewell
Jubal Early
Lewis Armistead
George Pickett
John Bell Hood
E Porter Alexander
Joseph Wheeler
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Winfield Scott Hancock
Daniel Sickles
Oliver Otis Howard
William Rosecrans
George Thomas
Phil Sheridan
John Sedgwick
John Wilkes Booth
Clement Vallandingham
David Farragut
Raphael Semmes
Stand Watie

If any important figures have been omitted, feel free to suggest them.

If you would like to make hardtack instead, sign up in one of the following slots:


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