FALL 2003

Instructors: Dr Griffith, Mr Sayers

E-mail Addresses:

Dr Griffith

School: griffithc@JCS.K12.TN.US

Mr Sayers

The American Pageant by Kennedy, Cohen, and Bailey
The American Spirit by Kennedy and Bailey

The purpose of this course is to provide college-level instruction in United States History.  This course will include extensive readings, college-style lectures, analysis of primary sources, and essay writing.  The ultimate goal is for each student to successfully complete the AP American History Exam.


1. Objective tests
2. Essay tests
3. Projects
4. Maps, chapter quizzes, and other daily grades (Each daily grade counts as 20% of a test grade.)

Extra Credit will not be assigned to improve a grade.  However, student improvement may be counted as extra credit.  For example, if you earn a low grade on one test, but make a much higher grade on the other tests the improvement can be used as evidence of improvement.

Make-up work must be completed within three days, unless other arrangements are made with the instructor.  Exams require an hour and a half, so always be present on exam day!


1. Be punctual.
2. Respect the rights of others.
3. Be honest.
4. Be prepared; bring your textbook to class each day.
5. Keep the room clean.
6. Each time you are off task you will receive a “0” for a daily grade.  One of the zeroes may be worked off.
7. Quid pro quo

2003-2004: Fall Session

AUG  4  Welcome
AUG  6  Pre-test
AUG  7  European Background
AUG  8  Native American Background

AUG 11 Exploration
AUG 12 Virginia
AUG 13 New England
AUG 14 Colonial Culture
AUG 15 Colonial Culture

AUG 18 Colonial Culture
AUG 19 Review
AUG 20 Exam 1 (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
AUG 21 The Great War for Empire
AUG 22 History Through Fiction

AUG 25 Causes of the Revolution
AUG 26 Causes of the Revolution
AUG 27 Roll Your own Musket Cartridge
AUG 28 The British are Coming
AUG 29 The Declaration of Independence

SEP  2 The War for Independence, John Paul Jones
SEP  3 The Indispensable Man
SEP  4 "The Crossing"
SEP  5 Review

SEP  8 Exam 2 (Chapters 6, 7 & 8)
SEP  9 The Infant Nation and the Articles of Confederation
SEP 10 The Constitution
SEP 11 The Constitution
SEP 12 Practice DBQ

SEP 15 Hamilton v. Jefferson
SEP 16 The Washington Administration
SEP 17 The Adams Administration
SEP 18 Review
SEP 19 Exam 3 (Chapters 9 & 10)

SEP 22 Thomas Jefferson
SEP 23 The Revolution of 1800
SEP 24 Jefferson:  An Evaluation
SEP 25 The War of 1812
SEP 26 The Second War of American Independence

SEP 29  DBQ Exam
SEP 30  The Era of Good Feelings
OCT  1  Judicial Nationalism
OCT  2  Review
OCT  3  Exam 4 (Chapters 11 & 12)


OCT 13 Andy Jackson
OCT 14 Jackson as President
OCT 15 Jackson:  An Analysis
OCT 16 The Trail of Tears
OCT 17 Davy Crockett Dies Gloriously at the Alamo!

OCT 20 Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!
OCT 21 Manifest Destiny and the Northwest Territory Settlement Game
OCT 22 The War with Mexico
OCT 23 “The Donner Party”

OCT 27  Review and Readings Assignment
OCT 28  Exam 5 (Chapters 13 & 17)
OCT 29  Discussion of Readings
OCT 30  History Through Fiction
OCT 31  Early 19th Century Social Reform

NOV  3  Political Analysis
NOV  4  North v. South
NOV  5  Review
NOV  6  Exam 6 (Chapters 14, 15 & 16)
NOV  7  Practice DBQ

NOV 10 Inevitable Conflict
NOV 11 Inevitable Conflict
NOV 12 Expansion and Compromise
NOV 13 Steps toward War
NOV 14 Election and Secession

NOV 17 Review
NOV 18 Exam 7 (chapters 18 & 19)
NOV 19 Lincoln and Davis:  A Study in Systems
NOV 20 The Anaconda Strikes!
NOV 21 DBQ Exam

NOV 24  History Through Fiction
NOV 25  History Through Fiction

DEC  1 First and Second Manassas and the Peninsular Campaign
DEC  2 Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg
DEC  3 The High Tide of the Confederacy
DEC  4 The War in the West
DEC  5 The Night They Tore Old Dixie Down!

DEC  8 Surrender
DEC  9 The Assassination of Lincoln
DEC 10 Reconstruction
DEC 11 Reconstruction
DEC 12 Review

DEC 15  Exam 8 (Chapters 20, 21 & 22)
DEC 16  Review
DEC 17  AP American History Exam
DEC 18 3rd and 4th period class exams (half day)

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