FALL 2003

Instructors: Mr Shively, Mr Sayers

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Mr Sayers

These notes are not complete; they are drawn from the notes I have available in my computer.  Some classes used other notes, which I cannot easily upload (and in some cases do not have available at all).  Be aware that I sometimes cover subjects in class that are not in these notes, and that some parts of these notes, for one reason or another, do not get used in lectures.  They are an aid and a guideline, and are not a substitute for paying attention or taking your own notes.

Dates and chapter numbers beyond the present or upcoming week should be considered tentative.

2003 Fall Session

European Exploration
AUG 15 Test (Chapters 1 & 2)

Colonial Society
French and Indian War
No Taxation Without Representation
AUG 22 Test (Chapters 3-4.2)

The Declaration of Independence
The Revolutionary War
The Articles of Confederation
AUG 29 Test (Chapters 4.3-5.1)


Creating the Constitution
Federalists versus Anti-Federalists
President George Washington
SEPT  5  Test (Chapter 5)

President John Adams
President Thomas Jefferson
The War of 1812
Moving West
Northwest Territory Settlement Game
SEPT 12  Test (Chapters 6 & 7)

The Industrial Revolution
The North, the South, and the Union
President Andrew Jackson
SEPT 19  Test (Chapter 8)

Class Presentations
President James K Polk and the Mexican War
A House Divided:  The Election of 1860
SEPT 26  Test (Chapters 9 & 10)

1861:  First Manassas
1862:  Shiloh and the Peninsular Campaign
1862:  Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg
1863:  The High Tide of the Confederacy
1864-1865:  Sherman's March and Appomattox
OCT 3  Test (Chapter 11)


Presidential Reconstruction
Congressional Reconstruction
Life during Reconstruction
The End of Reconstruction
OCT 18 Test (Chapter 12)

OCT 20 Work on packet.
OCT 21 Begin Poltics and Society of the late 19th Century:  Populists and Progressives
OCT 22 Conclude Politics and Society; The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era; begin O Pioneers!
OCT 23 Conclude O Pioneers! Work on packet.

OCT 27 Test (Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16, 18); Theodore Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War
OCT 28 The Progessive Presidents and the Great War
OCT 29 The Great War
OCT 30 The Great War and the American Expeditionary Force
OCT 31 The Treaty of Versailles

NOV 3 Test (Chapters 17, 18.3, 19); The 1920s
NOV 4 Presidents Quiz; The Roaring 'Twenties
NOV 5 The Crash, the Depression, and the New Deal
NOV 6 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
NOV 7 Test (Chapters 20, 21, 22, 23)

NOV 10 Map Quiz; Totalitarianism and the Rise of Hitler; Why We Fight (24.1, 24.2)
NOV 11 American Isolationism the Rise of Japan (24.3, 24.4)
NOV 12 The War in Europe (25.1, 25.2)
NOV 13 The Holocaust (25.3)
NOV 14 The War in the Pacific (25.4, 25.5)

NOV 17 Potsdam (26.1)
NOV 18 Test (Chapters 24, 25, 26.1)
NOV 19 Work Day
NOV 20 The Cold War Begins (26)
NOV 21 The Postwar Years at Home (27)

NOV 24 The Kennedy and Johnson Years
NOV 25 Test (Chapters 26, 27, 29)

DEC 1 Chapter 28 The Civil Rights Movement
DEC 2 Educational Film
DEC 3 Educational Film
DEC 4 Chapter 30 The Era of Activism
DEC 5 Test (Chapters 28 & 30)

DEC 8 The War in Viet-Nam
DEC 9 Peace with Honor
DEC 10 Nixon and Watergate
DEC 11 Ford and Carter
DEC 12 Test (Chapters 31 & 32)

DEC 15 The 1980s
DEC 16 Presidents Quiz, The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, the 1990s
DEC 17 Review
DEC 18 American History Exam (Cumulative)

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