Dusty's Home Page

This is Dusty in 2003Here I will tell you a little about myself. I am a resident of Johnson City, Tennessee, the finest city there is.

I am a 1997 graduate of Science Hill High School, a National School of Excellence. Go Toppers!

I graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville at the top of my class in 2001.  Go Vols!

I earned my Master of Arts at the University of Virginia in 2002 with the thesis “Disunited States: The Lost State of  Franklin and Frontier State Movements at the Dawn of the American Republic.”  Wa-

I completed my Master of Education degree at
Milligan College, in July 2004, with a licensure in Secondary Education.  Go Buffs!

I am presently working at Science Hill High School teaching Honours World Geography.  I also run the Mediaeval Battle Association at Science Hill.

I also work at Dice Fun and Games... a board game store in Johnson City.

I sometimes work as a first person historical interpreter at Rocky Mount, the first capital of the Southwest Territory, the oldest still-standing US territorial capital in the world and the third most visited historic site in the state of Tennessee.

To my surprise, I also own a Live Journal now, and I probably update it more often than I update this page.

The founder of this page is a Field-Marshal of the Order of Saint Dunstan.

I have also written an interactive internet game, Rescue the Princess.

Last updated 24 November, 2005