As a public service to anyone who wishes to give me stuff on Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Saint Dunstan's Day, or any other day of the year, I have installed this list of things that I really, really need.

  1. US postage stamps, any denomination.
  2. Bookplates, preferably self-adhesive.
  3. A nice Parker brand fountain pen.
  4. Bookshelves (especially barrister's book cases), or lumber to build bookshelves, or bookshelf kits (in descending order of preference).
  5. A refrigerator.
  6. A freezer chest
  7. A recliner.
  8. One or more new dress shirts, white, made of all cotton, silk, or linen, with French cuffs (that is, the kind of cuffs that require cuff links).  If more than one shirt is bought, one may be light blue or light green rather than white. 17 1/2 inch neck, 34 inch sleeves.
  9. New trousers, cotton or wool, in dark colours (such as navy blue or black).  29 inch inseam, 36-38 inch waist (probably).
  10. Books.  These are books I want, but cannot or will not buy for myself at this time:  Joyce and W. Eugene Cox, eds.' A History of Washington County, Tennessee, Larry Gonick's The Cartoon History of the Universe (Part III),  and the third volume of Edmund Morris' biography of Theodore Roosevelt (whenever it becomes available).
  11. Number 10 (business size) envelopes.
  12. A four-door, four-wheel drive pick-up truck.
  13. A musket. Flintlock, preferably a King's Arm (Brown Bess) appropriate for the period 1754-1791, with the appropriate bayonet and cartridge box.
  14. A new paint job for Young Hickory.
  15. Gift certificates for Lowes or Home Depot.
  16. DeKuyper's peach schnapps.
  17. Scotch, ideally Edradour, but alternately Dewar's, Glenlivet or Dalwinnie.
  18. A trip to the United Kingdom, ideally in the summertime.
  19. Dice made out of semi-precious stones, (ideally hematite, malachite, amethyst, or lapis, but only in the seven-dice packages).
  20. A Family Tree programme for my IBM compatible PC (running Windows XP).
  21. Finally, if you visit my links page, you will see there are a number of comics that I enjoy. Many of them sell things. I would probably not turn down any merchandise from any of them, although, of course, some of it is better than others, so use some common sense.
In order to avoid duplication of gifts, it is acceptable to confirm presents by e-mailing

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This page last updated 25 November, 2005.