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Personal Links

My former roomate, (Brevet) Colonel Paul DeWitt, O.St.D. is also a student at UT Knoxville. Makes sense, since he is my roomate, huh? Anyway, this is his page.

Philip Blaiklock is a student at Rice University. He was SGA president of Science Hill High School. I don't know how. Other than that, it is a pretty good high school. This is his home page. Incidentally, every image on this page (right now) is directly or indirectly the result of Phil. While this indicates that he has too much free time, it still makes him worthy of a round of applause. Yeah, Phil.

Brian McManus is a student at UT Knoxville. This is not his home page, but he has a page inside of Phil's page. Selecting"Cool Stuff" on Phil's sidebar will get you to it.

As I work at Rocky Mount and other historic sites where the donning of late eighteenth century clothes is required, I often wear tricornered hats, knee breeches, and other old apparrel. You should too. For some of the best, check out Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

For print news about the University of Tennessee, or for the comics, read the Daily Beacon.

WWWF Grudge Matches and other entertainment

To see the WWWF Grudge Matches, click here. They are quite entertaining. See the Enterprise versus the Death Star, Beavis versus Butt-head (unfortunately, they can't both be killed), the custody battle between Andy Taylor and Mr Cunningham for Opie/Richie, and more.

The successor to the world-famous Grudge Match, WWWF Ground Zero.

Also, the emergency edition of Ground Zero, WWWF Ground Zero -- Emergency Edition.

New and Improved! WWWF Grudge Match is back!  Be sure to visit the match for which I was the guest commentator, Latka vs Balki.

Forum 2000, where artificial intelligences solve your problems, or at least insult them. The place to go ``when you're just too busy surfing to solve your own problems.'' (TM)  Now upgraded to the Forum 3000.

Television and Movies

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. One of the best on-line resources I have ever seen. Here you can learn all about our last, best hope for peace.

Another excellent on-line resource is The Simpsons Archive, for episode outlines and other information about Our Favourite Family.

For other television and movie news, visit Ain't It Cool News.


The John Prine Shrine. Where to go when you just need one good reason, or one extra season in which to figure out the other four.

They Might Be Giants (Unofficially). Lyrics, .midi files, chords, music interpretations, and more information about John and John.

Dragon Dice and Role-Playing Games and Stuff

The TSR Home Page, where you can find Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Dice, and other stuff from Tactical Studies Rules.

Links to Other Dragon Dice Websites

Comic Strips, Cartoons, and More

Knights of the Dinner Table

The Knights of the Dinner Table home page. Home of the popular comic seen in Dragon Magazine. If you have ever role-played, or know someone who has, you will enjoy this.

Hoody Hoo Cartoons! Animated versions of the Knights.

Web-Based Comics

WebComics are my newest hobby, and so I'm putting up an list of all the ones I currently read, partly because I keep losing my bookmarks file. Now, these are, generally, comics that are not syndicated in print, and, because my mother or another innocent might come across this list, I am even going to try to rate the comics for content! (Fools rush in....  Most turn out to be PG, and they are all fairly harmless, but it can be a shock some times, especially when a comic that seems light and sweet takes a turn, briefly or permanantly, towards drama and suspense.) Also, I will mention those that have won the April's Choice Award, because April often has excellent taste, and I will note which are hosted by Keenspot (the brand-new online comics syndicate, which hosts many quality comics), which are on Keenspace (a service of Keenspot), which are on RyPanda, and which are endorsed by SPLEEN. These are listed in aproximately the order in which I started reading them, and is not meant to be a ranking system by any means, although I do point out some of my very favourite strips.  Furthermore, there are many, many more quality comics on the web.  These are just the ones I try to read every day.

Bruno the Bandit has been described by Ian McDonald as 'a cross between The Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons,' and that certainly captures the spirit of this strip. Bruno is a bumbling but (usually) good-hearted thief, alternately aided and foiled by his side-kick Fiona, the micro-dragon. Of all the strips on the web, Bruno has some of the most detailed and beautiful artwork, and clever plots to match. Follow Bruno's adventures in the modern/mediaeval Kingdom of Rothland Monday through Saturday. This April's Choice Award winner, rated PG for cartoon violence and occasional mild language, appears on Keenspot six days a week.

College Roomies From Hell!!! The serial adventures of Mike, Dave, Roger, April, Marsha, and Margaret; be warned: 'despite they seem normal, they are not.' Whether running from fabric-eating bugs, overcoming heartbreak through a traditional Misery Journey, or saving the world from Cthulu, Maritza Campos's characters (and they are real characters) will keep you in constant stitches. Who needs backgrounds, when we have humour that can make you laugh so hard, you'll pass out? Life is a nonsense contest seven days a week in this April's Choice winning Keenspot comic. Rated PG-13 for occasional language, cartoon violence, adult situations, weirdness.  Wild and crazy humour, heart-rending drama, romance, and killer exams--my very favourite strip.

Kevin and Kell are a rabbit and a wolf who are married. They are also the stars of the first comic to be published exclusively on-line, so there have almost five years of archives to read! A herbivore married to a carnivore hardly have a traditional marriage, and the addition of an adopted hedgehog daughter and a teenage fox/wolf cub son does not make life easier. Available five days a week, and with a mirror site at www.herdthinners.com, this is one of the most popular on-line comics to-day. Rated a very mild PG, as the laws of the jungle do accasionally prevail, even among civilised animals, and rabbits occasionally find themselves in adult situations.

Freefall chronicles the adventures of Sam, the space-alien spaceship captain and con-man, his helpful and naive robot buddy Helix, and above all, their engineer, Florence (a Bowman's wolf). After three years they only barely have Sam's ship working, but fear not, the simple adventure of making it go (and the problems they discover once they finally do) make this strip worth a visit every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also available in colour! Rated G.

Strictly speaking, the Squad 'o Goodness is not an on-line strip. It once ran in the Daily Beacon at UT, but all the old strips are archived here. Experience Thrills, Chills, and short-week filler strips, as the Squad o' Goodness battles the evil Lincoln Log and his armies of zombie presidents. Rated PG-13 for violence, language, and occasional adult situations. I probably should not really use the picture I am using for this (it's not an authorised linky button), but, unless Jason North asks me to stop, I will use it.

Life at Bayside, a small, idyillic (or, if your prefer, backwards and boring) college town on the Atlantic coast. Curtis Berry gives us a cast of misfits in a boarding house as they make their way through the perils of college (and the occasional alternate dimension). This strip runs five days a week, and never fails to be bizarre and entertaining. Rated PG-13 for occasional language and adult situations. A Keenspot comic.

Aaron Holm, esquire works out his frustrations through Joe Average six days a week. The happy, drunken facade of Hollywood-style college life is punctured, and the miseries of the lonely bachelor are explored in the official comic strip of involuntary celibacy. If you ever think you are bitter, just read Joe Average. Rated PG-13, for some language and adult situations. A Keenspot comic.

Nukees, in case you wondered, are majors in Nuke E., or Nuclear Engineering (in this case, at Berkely). Not being a Nukee myself, I have to assume from this strip that all Nuclear Engineers regularly build giant robot ants, fight zombie squid in Antartica, programme computer viruses, and occasionally declare themselves kings. I could be wrong, but you can see for yourself on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in this Keenspot comic endorsed by SPLEEN and rated PG, um, just because (really, it is a pretty harmless strip, barring the radiation, and maybe some language). Another favourite.

The incredible adventures of Torg, free-lance web designer and Riff, free-lance bum and inventor. Sluggy Freelance (no-one knows what Sluggy actually means, or why it might be freelance) also includes aliens, girls, ferrets, and a psychotic rabbit named Bun-Bun, not to mention parodies of Star Trek and the X-Files, and the marvelous Storm Breaker Saga. It is certainly nifty, and is one of the most successful on-line comic on the web to-day. New comics seven days a week, and plenty of archives to enjoy. Rated PG-13 for violence, occasional language, and general weirdness.  One of my very favourite strips.

Now Inside Joke University, following the continuing adventures of Ryan and company in University.  Some say college spans the best years of your life; they are at least the strangest. Inside Joke chronicles Ryan Allen and his friends as they exorcise demons from computers, get trapped in Shakespearean plays, and enjoy lacrosse, the official sport of the Dominion of Canada. Also, Joshua W Hammerstedt gave me a Toaster Of Valour, so he's cool. Updated seven days a week, schoolwork permitting, and rated PG for occasional mild language and implied violence (and in a single strip available in the archive but never published on the main page, outright final exam-related violence). A RyPanda comic, hosted by Keenspace.

General Protection Fault is the on-going soap-opera of geek life. Our heroes work at GPF, a small software company, and, although their creator describes their story as Dilbert-like, it is anything but that. The employees of GPF have rich, developed lives, and occasionally nifty fantasies that parody our favourite movies and television. A Keenspot Comic and an April's Choice winner, General Protection Fault is updated six days a week, and is rated PG, mostly because of the wickedness of Trudy.

Amazingly, a strip about fairly normal people doing fairly normal things. Of course, no-one at Avalon High School is completely normal; otherwise, this strip would not be so entertaining. These students study, make friends, play Risk, play pool, survive Y2K, go to hockey games, and revel in unneccesary Canadian humour. This Keenspot comic is posted five days a week, with guest artist strips on Sundays. Contribute your own! Rated a very mild PG. One of my very favourites.

Elves in their natural habitat--the comic strip! The saga of Baughb the Elf, a hero from the distant past, flung through time and space by ancient elven magic. It may not make sense at first, but after you read the archives, you will have to keep coming back. I promise a complex, serious story-line alongside goofy humour, if you read Elf Life. And you can do it, too, six days a week, thanks to Keenspot. If you don't trust me, surely you will believe April! Rated PG-13 for some cartoon violence, some adult situations, and a few scary situations (but it all turns out OK).

There are aliens on earth. Mean aliens. Crafty aliens. Purple aliens. But you and I are safe, because we are defended by the secret government agency, SEMME. Uh oh. David Willis tells the story of the agents of SEMME in their never-ending struggle against the Head Alien and his loyal minions. Get wiigii with it seven days a week at It's Walky!, courtesy of Keenspot. Rated PG, due to occasional violence and occasional mild language.

No longer in production, but still available in the It's Walky! archives, Roomies is both comedy and drama as it follows the lives of several college room-mates. It is well worth checking out when you have the time and want a serious, and even moving, story. It also has space aliens. I have to give this Keenspot comic a PG-13 rating, even though it covers up any language with @#$%, because it is, in some places, a dramatic story with adult situations and with really bad things happening to nice people. Treat this rating as a sort of warning covering the series as a whole--most individual strips would rate a safe PG.

The true story of the life of Greg Dean and his friends.  Follow the adventures of these Northern Californians as they play on-line games, buy really big swords, go on road trips, and build time machines.  Life must be different in California.  This Keenspot comic is updated seven days a week and rated PG for occasional language.  Check it the home of the most cameoed cartoonist on the internet, because Truth is Funnier than Fiction.

In Alice, the eponymous heroine is a highly imaginative young girl who gets herself and her more sensible pal Dot into all sorts of trouble with her crazy ideas.  Every day is a new adventure for Alice, and readers get to relive their own childhoods through her.  Michael McKay-Fleming rates it G, although there may be some mild language in a place or two.  The link here goes to his main page, from which you can reach this Keenspot comic, as well as some of Mr McKay-Flemings's other work.  Updated seven days a week.

Sit and Spin is the classic tale of Corey Marie Kitley, sweetheart of the internet.  Although it is no longer published under this title, this autobiographical strip once invited the reader so sit with Corey and her friends in Denny's, have some Red Pop, and watch the world go by.  The archives are presently hosted by Keenspot and Keenspace.  The Keenspace archives are better, but only work if you use that other browser (Internet Explorer).  Rated G.

Common Grounds is Corey Marie Kitley's second experiment in internet cartooning.  Described as 'Like Avalon, but not Canadian,' it stars three young adults trying to run a coffee shop while dealing with all the problems of real life.  Rated PG for occasional mild language and occasional adult situations.  Common Grounds is presently on hiatus, although future storylines have been promised.  When it runs, Common Grounds runs five days a week on Keenspot.

Sit and Spin returns, with a new look and a new name and new characters!  See what has become of Corey Marie Kitley since we saw her last.  Her boy friend is in some weird sort of band, and she seems to be having a lot of fun.  Autobiographical internet cartooning at its best, five days a week and on Keenspot.  Life's So Rad is not yet rated, but it will probably get a G or PG.

Six people who happen to be animals share a house.  Each one is a unique individual, with his own quirks, any of which are enough to start an adventure on their own.  They also have deep and frightening enemies from co-workers to mysterious masked men to megalomaniacal personal computers bent on taking over the world.  Rated PG for occasional mild language, April's Choice, Funny Farm, is more fun than a barrel of monkeys seven days a week on Keenspot.One of my favourite strips.

Chelsea Chattan is a fairly normal young lady.  She has problems with her family, she has a goofy sort of boyfriend, and once in a while she turns into a panther.  She is also a witch.  Unable to live as an artist in New York City, she returns to her home in North Carolina, where she tries to learn to understand and control her mysterious new powers, but ends up in more and more trouble.  Although the story is fairly serious, the day-by-day strips are funny in the April's Choice winning comic strip.  Appearing seven days a week on Keenspot, Clan of the Cats is rated PG-13 for occasional language, occasional violence, occasional suggested nudity, and weirdness. Yet another favourite.

For her fifth millenium birthday, God got her big sister's old pet universe as a hand-me-down.  Trapped in it by an accident, she is trying to fix it up after a thousand years of neglect.  To help her out, she has befriended a mighty swordswoman, a young mage, and her very first priestess.  Bit by bit God is learning how to control her new universe and to use the powers her big sister gave up.  Fun adventure seven days a week!  Acid Reflux is rated PG for occasional mild language and cartoon violence.  One of my very favourite comics.

Four guys share an apartment and go about their daily lives as computer programmers, systems administrators, artists, and unskilled labourers.  But life is only what happens between games.  With the artist's girlfriend, they spend their spare time on role playing games.  One of the most realistic strips around, Absurd Notions has subtle, brilliant humour.  Gav, of Nukees, says 'if you've ever yelled at your television during prime time, "You IDIOTS!  Don't EXPLAIN THE JOKE!  YOU'RE RUINING IT!" then you will love Absurd Notions.'  Rated PG, and available Mondays and Fridays, with College Classics from Kevin Pease's university days appearing on Wednesdays. Another favourite strip.

Help Desk is a tale of deceit and corruption, from the point of view of one of the men who mans the technical support line of Übersoft, the mighty, evil software company. I have only recently started reading Help Desk, but I am enjoying it, and the site is also full of interesting information about the evil software industry.  O/S2 advocacy abounds.  Tentatively rated PG, this Keenspot comic is updated five days a week.

Keenspot is the only spot on the web for the best darn comics. It is the only serious syndicate of on-line only (or primarily-online) comics, and hosts many fine comics (and a few that I must admit I do not care for). I cannot rate the whole page, as it has comics that almost get a G rating, but also has some that I would rate R, such as Road Waffles and Look What I Brought Home.

Keenspaceis a service of Keenspot, providing free web hosting and other services to on-line comics everywhere.  It therefore  hosts a wide variety of comic strips.

S.P.L.E.E.N. Snide Parody Lacking Everything Except Nukees: a list of web comics that fit the preceding criteria.

RyPanda, not to be confused with the Big Panda (another, more extensive list of comic strips) keeps an ever-growing list of web comics, including those it hosts itself.


The Adopt a Dragon Foundation is an excellent source of information about dragons, as well as dragon pictures and other links. So is Here be Dragons.

Visit the Dixieland Ring. It will lead you to all sorts of great Civil War Sites, including the ones where I got some of my music.

You can write to the Field-Marshal at dusty@sayersnet.com

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