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The Story Thus Far

Once upon a time, in a distant and fantastic country, there dwelt a beautiful Princess. She was everything a Princess should be: good, kind, beautiful, clever, and ladylike. This beautiful Princess was betrothed to a handsome man, who was strong and as clever as his Princess. But one day, his Princess was kidnapped by an Evil Wizard. After many weeks of searching, and grueling journeys across deserts and over mountains and under the boughs of ancient forests and through crowded shopping centres and down lonely roads seldom travelled, our Hero reached a dark and fearful castle where he knew his Princess languished in some lonesome tower. Without a second thought for his own safety (the first thought being too frightening), the Hero crept in through the front gate....

Now YOU may become the Hero, and rescue your fair Princess from the clutches of the Evil Wizard.

Playing Rescue the Princess

To begin playing Rescue the Princess, return to the introductory screen, and select "To Play." From there, click on Welcome, Hero! Alternately, you may go to the castle at the top of this screen and click on the castle gate.

This will allow you to enter the forbidding fortress where your princess is imprisoned. Once inside the castle, you will be faced with screens that look rather like this:


West ___+___ East





Your pockets are empty.

By clicking on North, South, East, and West, the Hero (that's you, don't forget) will move in that direction. Up and Down are also direction commands, and will let you ascend and descend stairs, climb up ladders and down rabbit holes and explore chimneys like Saint Nicholas. The Take menu will display all the items in the room that can be taken when you click on them. Your Pockets let you see what you have got in your pockets. You can examine any objects you see listed there by clicking on them. After examining your proud possessions, be sure to click back, so you can continue rescuing your fair Princess.

Naturally, you will occasionally meet some obstacle or adversary on your quest to rescue your beloved Princess. In this case, you will be provided with a description of the problem and a menu offering ways to deal with it.

Occasionally, you may try to go somewhere or take something that is not available to you. At this time, you will receive a message kindly informing you of your error. To remove this message, simply click on the back button in Netscape (or any other Web Browser you may inexplicably prefer).

Helpful Hints

In Rescue the Princess, as in any game, it is wise to map your progress. This allows you to see where you have (and have not) been, and keeps you from becoming lost. It is also wise to collect items, but be warned: some items are dangerous to pick up.

Because the music in Rescue the Princess ends up opening many windows, we reccomend that you occasionally check to see how many windows you have open. If there are more than two, close them all except the one you are using and whichever one is currently playing music.

One of the most fun things to do in Rescue the Princess, or so we are told, is to see what happens when you die. Don't let all the programmed death scenes go to waste. Try them out, but be careful.

Quitting the Game

It is always possible that you will wish to do the cowardly thing and give up on the game. In this case, simply browse some-where else, and you will abandon your fair princess for-ever. However, if you are merely being temporarily interupted (for example, you boss walked into the room) just bookmark the page where you are, and you can restore your game by returning to that bookmark.

Saving the Game

To save your game, simple make a bookmark. To restore, return to that bookmark at a later time.

Supporting the Game

Naturally, you will wish to support Rescue the Princess and its Author and Programmers. You may do this in many ways. First, you may make a link to this page from your own home page. Secondly, you may report any errors you notice in the game to Field-Marshal J A "Dusty" Sayers, O.St.D. or (Brevet) Colonel Paul DeWitt, O.St.D. Thirdly, you may request the download of the origional verion of Rescue the Princess, playable in MS-DOS (6.2 recomended). Fourth and most important, you may send money to the Author and Programmers, if you so desire.

$ending us Money

For information about sending us money, simply click on the e-mail links above. This action is also acceptable for those of you who wish to see a sequel or those who merely have excess money which you wish you dispose of. The Author and Programmers swear upon their honour that they can easily find a use for your excess wealth.